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Pay no attention to the subtext behind the revisionist history.

The irritating thing about having to endure the endless Therese-bashing is that Lynn and her supporters seemed to be very reluctant to admit something Roger Ebert said once: "You can't have heroes and villains when the wrong side is making the best sense." As the endless defense of Anthony reminds us, she doesn't want to face the fact that she can't at the same time present Therese as being irrationally jealous towards a Liz who isn't trying to start anything when a disinterested person would see a woman who's justifiably enraged by this whining, graceless imbecile who insists on trying to lean into her life. Similarly, you can't boast about how Anthony knows how to build a stable relationship when you depict a man who checked out emotionally the second after he said "I do." Lynn clearly doesn't want to see people say that because it raises points she wants to blind herself to.

What this means is that the arc we're dealing with now is pretty much an exercise in her clapping her hands to her ears and yelling "La-la-la, I can't hear you" when confronted with facts that contradict her premise that she was a new-age Cassandra that no one will listen to. While it's easy to go with the low-hanging fruit that is her not especially wanting to know that Rod didn't do much, if anything, wrong or that planes flip over all the time, the need to parade around screaming that no one was taking her seriously will probably soon extend to an abiding rage that search and rescue agencies only put boots on ground when they're sure that someone is missing. As you know, I linked to a strip that had John be a little let getting home for some reason Lynn felt to be unimportant only to be hollered at because it's magically his fault that she let her imagination run riot. My guess is that some poor slob whose only crime was trying to explain something to a person unwilling to hear it is going to get defamed because he didn't immediately click his heels and rush off just because some idiot working herself into a lather yelled loudly enough.

The end result of this is pretty much going to be the same as her exercise in trying to get people to say that Anthony is a wonderful person. The sort of people who misinterpreted what they saw because they envy and hate people like Therese and what she stands for are going to ignore technical details with the same gay abandon required of them and tell Lynn how unfortunate it was that no one cared what she had to say and just shut her out like she didn't matter. The truth is less flattering as it probably consisted of people trying to take her concerns seriously and failing because their attempts rotated around reassuring her when she 'knew' better because she has no faith in people she knows.
Tags: lynn versus the truth.

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