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The hanged girl and the float plane.

The irritating thing about all of this business about Rod being a bad man trying to kill himself because Lynn is NOT a nitwit who would still be huffing and puffing about his being a stupid big shot who took an insane risk had nothing more traumatizing than his arriving home five or six minutes later than he said he would happened is that her need to revise history to make a person worse has happened before. Lynn might wish we didn't have the horrible and cruel habit of remembering the stupid things she's said but one of the first things I came across when I started this was an interview in which she'd changed the backstory to the "Mike heroically squeals at the EMTs trying to save Deanna's life because of their insistence on getting in the way of his being a bigshot" arc. Beforehand, Aaron was driving home, saw a fatal car accident, found out the dead girl was a former classmate and pondered his own mortality. In the podcast, he was taking a picture of a beautiful sunset that just happened to have a dead girl who'd hanged herself from a tree because her dad kicked her out in it. According to Lynn, Aaron was upset at the horrible news producer for not showing his pretty sunset just because some random square might object to seeing a corpse twisting in the wind during the Local Events segment.

We'd wondered why it was that Aaron had turned from 'ordinary slob musing on the human condition' to 'insane and irrational ghoul' only to find out that the podcast was taped pretty much the same time that she'd announced her divorce. While we didn't quite know if Aaron was on Rod's side or on no one's side because this really didn't affect him, what we did know is that Lynn was pissed that he wasn't on her side. Thus it was that he temporarily mutated into a horror freak. What this leaves us wondering about is wondering what new atrocity Rod has committed in order to have to absorb her latest ad hominem attack. My guess is that he either wants the house after she leaves or expects to have some say in the sale or something.
Tags: lynn the vindictive.

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