dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On our collective memory problem.

As you might remember, there's a sort of franchised tutoring service called Sylvan Learning that people can use to help their kids cram for tests and such. One of the ad campaigns they ran had a child smack himself on the side of the head to dislodge facts that he'd learned over the school year as a sort of surreal warning that unstructured free time would do a number on our children's test scores. The reason that I mention this odd visual image is that a cursory reading of The Little Lindy Show leads me to the conclusion that were someone to draw an honest visual of her childhood, we'd see her take a test, look at her grades and bat the knowledge out of her head because since she got the grade, she clearly would no longer need it.

Given her odd reaction to being 'blindsided' by 'horrible' people who expect too much of her, it's clear that this habit seems to have persisted even unto the latest day. Her biography's anti-Foobiverser rant has her whine piteously about the horrible people who expect ages and dates to line up and for people's biographies not to change on a whim when all she's trying to do is make herself happy; this tells me that once she does a strip, she purges her memory and makes the presumptuous request that everyone else do the same so she can feel good about herself. When you recall that teachers and Ursula are as evil and cruel as we are because they insisted that she retain what she learn after tests, she's still upset that it never worked that way and never will.
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