dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Bunker Syndrome redux.....

In today's strip, we see the younger Pattersons in low earth orbit over the fantastically exciting prospect of going down the street to where their grandmother lives. I was going to laugh about the absurdity but I cannot because I've seen it happen. Every neighborhood in the world has a family that doesn't mix or socialize well. They involve themselves so little with the people around them because they prefer their own company. In the Sharon Valley, that family is named Patterson. For reasons that are hard to understand, they don't much like or trust the people that surround them so they don't get too involved. They cannot even stand each other's company, as we see so often. Since the characters are all reflections of Lynn herself and they all have that in common, the need to isolate herself seems to be one of her more powerful emotional drives. It's probably also why life in Lynn Lake was such a joy. There she was, innately aloof, thinking that she had nothing in common with the women that surrounded her and doing little to change that impression. They reacted to what they saw as a stuck-up annoyance with hostility, she confirmed her fears and amped up the martyrdom, and so on, and so forth until she left the mean clannish, little town with the mean clannish, little people behind her. This sounds familiar too. We saw it last January as Elizabeth left the ungrateful vermin who infested a grotesque stain on the map with an unpronounceable name behind her.
Tags: lynn versus the real world, pattersons vs the world

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