dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The legal and ethical ramifications of temporal homicide.

Now that it's turned out that the whole thing is Les's panic-induced nightmare brought on by the news that the horrible DJ bailed out on him, you might think that Les is off the hook for passive-aggressiving and obfuscating Lisa to death. You'd be wrong because despite not actually having foreknowledge of all the crap that happened to her over the years, we're dealing with the fact that a normal person would at least be conflicted about the stupid temporal prime directive thing that the time travel genre insists upon using as a reason for not changing history for the better.

Les, as this idiotic cheat and moronic stunt proved, had no such conflict at all. The reason for said eagerness to let history play out as it's supposed to is not due to his thinking that despite everything, everything works out for the best. What it's due to is his characteristic defect of character: a need to have decisions made for him because he doesn't want to be blamed when things go wrong. Oh, he can be condescending and supercilious when he's not on the spot but when it's him that could face the least bit of censure, he either physically or mentally runs from the scene. By proving to us that he'd do so in a Westview minute, Batiuk has stupidly destroyed his main character.
Tags: cancer cancerbean, les moore: smarmy judas, saint dead lisa

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