dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The probable bullying arc

As whoever it is that might still bother watching the exercise in boring futility that is hoping that Batiuk pulls his head out of his ass within our lifetimes knows, he thought that he was some sort of brave front-runner talking about having an openly gay couple at a senior prom despite the fact that Doonesbury, Foob and Archie Comics had openly gay characters and thought of it as being not especially a big deal. Sain people also knew that said Long Lost Uncle Aesop's reason for existing was to build up the credibility of an adult and then politely disappear behind the curtain.

What this tells me is that Batiuk's being at least ten years behind the times at all times means that the bullying we'll be facing will have the prefix 'cyber' attached to it. What we're going to be dealing with is a long, boring, pointless and factually inaccurate exercise in brainless Luddite malice that's has little to do with actual cyberbullying and everything to do with Batiuk's fear and hatred of a technology that seems to exist for the sole purpose of allowing terrible people to suddenly appear out of nowhere and call him a terrible writer and his characters terrible people because the stupid bastard doesn't realize that we've always existed but had our complaints intercepted so that the failed freshman comp teacher writing this boring exercise in pointless hardship doesn't have to be told where to stick his stupid ideas.
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