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Men of snow, men of sun and men of concrete.

If you've been paying attention to the subtext of Lynn's notes, you're going to come to a rather predictable and annoying conclusion. Simply put, Lynn thinks that Rod and the three men from Hamilton seem to have brought their troubles on themselves by entering a world that they didn't belong in. This is because she seems to have it in her head that certain people can only exist in certain geographical regions and would somehow wither and die if placed in a place that wasn't their proper place.

This, I should think, is the end result of the paternalistic thought patterns that caused her to get agitated and feel cheated because she couldn't see the 'real' Thailand when Katie and Lane spent their honeymoon babysitting her. She wanted to be on the set of Anna and the King of Siam and the fact that the people who lived there decided how they wanted their cities to look without consulting a mental pygmy from Whitebreadland to see if they were allowed to do so angered and confused her.

The form it takes in the strip is that we have to deal with the fact that both Connie and Liz had their hearts broken because they fell in love with being in love with men who simply could not survive in the 'real' world of traffic, shopping malls and cable television. As it was with Connie's fantasy lover who broke her heart and ruined her life until she could be redeemed and have almost as much as Elly when she married her own whining dickhole white-ass white man, Liz's final punishment for finding sex enjoyable was to find a man who was made out of snow more enticing than the bland whimperer her horrible parents wanted her to have. Remember, folks; everything is all about being comfortable and safe and fat and gutless and being happy at knowingly doing so at the expense of someone you know deserves it more. Wanting more than a life so bland and pointless that you won't notice that you've died implies that Lynn is living her life wrong and that's bad.
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