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The Early Years Clearance Sale.

Now that we're pretty much at the home stretch of the Boobs In The Woods arc, let's remind ourselves that Lynn thinks of John's returning home as heralding in the transition from the Early to Middle Years of the strip. The problem is that we're still dealing with stuff that happened in the Early Years and will for a while yet.

While I have mentioned that we have yet to have Elly's ultimately misguided campaign to save the Old Town Hall sputter to its "Oh woe is me! My voice will NEVER be heard!" conclusion, it behooves me to remind you that we have yet to see the back end of Elly's career as a poet. What seems to happen is she rage-quits in sheer frustration because a bored and stupid Mike scribbled all over the magazine it appeared in because his hands had nothing useful to occupy them.

Also, we're still in the middle of the whole "Let's get Ted married off so that Connie can return home in triumph" thing that Lynn is using so as to scratch her inane itch to be writing a soap opera. Connie is still in Thunder Bay, Lawrence is still being a spoiled brat who hates his mother's happiness because he selfishly refuses to instantly adapt to whatever people around him do like he's some kind of damned machine, Mike is still acting like some kind of freak pining away for things to be normal and Ted is still living in a fool's paradise because he won't grow up.

What this means is that while most of the strip is in the Middle Years, the Early Years have yet to fully end. We'll see the same damned thing in the Later Years when stupid decisions the Pattersons made before the collective mental failure that resulted in April's almost drowning haunt them for years afterwards.
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