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Fiends of the library.

As we know, Liz is what Lynn thinks a teacher should be. This is both highly disturbing and unintentionally hilarious as we see that she believes that a teacher should spend most of her time indulging a disruptive irritant actively engaged in sabotaging the learning process for children actually willing to do things that aren't to their immediate taste because he doesn't want anyone else doing well when he insists on intentionally making other people miserable to really enjoy life. In short, a 'good' teacher should behave in a manner that most suited Lindy Ridgway.

The reason that I mention this is that it would have been more wonderful dumb fun than watching the televised dumpster fire that is Celebrity Family Feud were Lynn to show us what she thinks a librarian actually does all day long. We saw hints of it in her silly "Lynn Reads" thing when she all but said that she was under the mistaken impression that a library was a book store that gave away its collection for free. We've had the library be all about puppet shows, making horrible posters, used as a launching pad for a doomed crusade and any number of strips about how children and where Mommy works don't mix. What we should have seen is what Elly did all day long so we could see what Lynn thinks a library is aside from a place where old ladies in dowdy clothes tell her that she's not ever allowed to talk and who get on her case about some baffling thing where she actually has to put the books they're clearly giving away back. Having to watch Elly chase down a delinquent library patron would be nearly as ridiculous and definitely as aggravating as watching Mario Lopez remind us that he's an imbecile who doesn't know what the real world is all about. Five bucks says that she'd probably plead for John to buy replacements because she got suckered into feeling sorry for a misfit with a sob story that just doesn't pass the stink test.
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