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Portrait of the artist as a young shite-poke.

The interesting thing is that we're finally starting to get notes about what happened to the family after they moved to Corbeil. The reason that this is interesting is that the first note was all about Katie and Aaron fighting over something and the argument (so far as Lynn knew) only ending long after they were gone and also after the thing they were arguing about getting destroyed. It says a lot that the thing that most caught her eye was not the years in which they got along reasonably well but those moments in which they got in each other's faces about something petty and stupid.

What it says is that Lynn ain't kidding when she makes her stupid comment about how boring and 'unrealistic' happy families who get along well are. What we seem to be dealing with is, as I've said before, a garden variety shit disturber who needs for there to be conflict around her in order to feel a part of things. From what she's said in the past, she can either operate in a sort of trance state where she walls herself off into her own little world or she can be an active participant in a pointless row where there are winners and losers but it doesn't look as if she can be part of a normal group getting along quietly because she needs mindless chaos in the world around her to satisfy the chaos within.
Tags: lynn versus everyone

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