dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John's hand-over: a proposal.

The odd thing is that before the trip, John gave off the impression that he was this big, important dude who couldn't be bothered with the odd, baffling demands his family made of him. He could never quite wrap his head around why Elly thought the home he provided her was a stifling trap any more than he could understand why his children didn't give him the automatic deference he clearly deserved. Given that the point of the strip is to hammer home the fact that John is an inept buffoon who suffered the humiliating revelation that he's the sort of absurd, cowardly imbecile who damned near starved to death thirty minutes away from civilization.

What this means is that instead of trying to see off challengers to his beneficial but stern reign, we're now dealing with a man defending against loss. Everything that he does from now on is predicated on the assumption that people who still see him as a stern disciplinarian will also realize what a churlish, craven and incompetent imbecile he is and set his worthless opinion at naught. This, I think, is why the kids' attitudes needed adjusting. We see normal kids developing normally. John thought "Holy Damnit Christmas! They're starting to realize I'm a fraud! Gotta get'em off balance before they think things through!!"
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, john - grinning weirdo

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