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Michael Patterson: the constant irritant.

As I've mentioned, we're in a period of transition in the strip. Elly has changed from frustrated housewife who feels trapped in her suburban super-max to a sort of whirling dervish of volunteerism who feels guilty about the time not spent with her children, Lizzie is about to become a disaffected outsider who's stuck in an environment called the education system she doesn't understand or like and John changes from a smug authoritarian to a sort of panicky, over-reacting goof who fears that everyone else sees the inept clod who damned near starved to death ten minutes of swimming away from civilization and will thus treat him with the disrespect he deserves. Fortunately, one member of the Core Four has no arc that hands over to a new status in life. Sadly, that character is Michael.

This is because there is no great big trauma in Mike's life that doesn't reinforce his default belief that he's the best, smartest, greatest and coolest kid ever and everyone just wants to tear him down and laugh at him because they're jealous and they hate him. He also doesn't have an event wherein it sticks that having to share the spotlight with Lizzie isn't some kind of horrible tragedy because there's no event that really gets him to see that other people actually exist in their own right. All we get is his adding mindless rage and deliberately mispronouncing her name to his imbecilic refusal to admit that no, somehow chasing the horrible little girl away won't restore a glorious past where he never got yelled at. He can watch only children get punished, he can watch brothers fight like scorpions but nothing ever seems to teach Mike that the sole source of the chaos and disappointment in his life is a sullen nitwit named Michael T Patterson. Given that he's still whining that he had to be a shit to Liz because she's prettier, nothing ever will.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot

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