dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

A possible hand-over for Mike

As you all know, I tend to make a lot of tiresome noise about how right now, we should actually be watching stupid Mike stupidly fail to realize that instead of not getting caught doing something amazingly stupid, he should think things through and not do the stupid things that make his life worse. Given that his thought-patterns are warped by imbecile narcissism, it's fairly hard to imagine any sort of situation that would break through the need to pass the buck and get him to realize rather obvious things like "Hey, stupid! Lizzie isn't going to go away and even if she did, you're still going to get punished when you make an ass of youself so man up and quit treating her like garbage!" but I can imagine a situation that might have worked if Lynn weren't busy ripping off sitcoms.

What would happen in my reimagining of the Mike treats to look in Molly's window and gets busted by an angry young lady who didn't like her feeling sorry for herself because no one wants to befriend some sullen, closed-off nitwit throwing a temper fit about their crummy town is that Mike would remember that Molly has the same sort of wicked temper his mother has and would land on him with both feet if he were to even think about invading her privacy. The upshot of such an arc is that we could then have a new, improved Mike: a mini-John who has finally learned to fear the rage of the women around him and who will thus prove no further hindrance to his mother.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot, molly and gayle

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