dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Clothes make the moron.

What we are headed for is, of course, yet another reminder that Mike thinks of the educational system as being a sort of prison that's designed to make him feel like a fool who has to do stuff he hates. The part that he hates that isn't having to deal with the math that he's made into this big, intimidating and evil thing designed to confuse and anger him because the histrionic jerk wants the impossibility of being instantly good at everything and thus never having to actually work for anything seems to be having to dress in a way that doesn't suggest that he's a hobo. It never seems to register that Elly is actually concerned for him because he thinks doing what other people ask of him when he doesn't feel like it as being a cruel and evil imposition forced on him because if people really, REALLY loved him, they'd let him do what he wanted to whenever he wanted to.

That being said, he does see something behind the phrase "the clothes make the man" that Elly blinds herself to. What she stopped seeing once she started making the rules is that somewhere in that little homily is the obvious implication that Mike simply isn't important to set the rules at naught. Mike has to conform to the norm because he's too low on the food chain to be allowed to be eccentric and the unwelcome realization angers him.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot, mike versus elly

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