dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The central paradox

As we know, we're still going to be dealing with Elly's campaign to protect the Old Town Hall from the evil athletes who want to tear it down so that sports can be the only thing anyone talks about. As we also know, Mike gets a bug up his ass about her involvement because the short-sighted little imbecile could possibly be exposed to teasing because his mom is trying to become visible and embarrassing him in front of other little boys whose opinions also don't really matter. The problem is that instead of smacking him in the mouth and telling him off, she feels guilty about how what she loves is making him feel left out.

This points us to why the strip resonates with so many women. This is because for some reason, the time freed in women's lives by technological advances is supposed to be filled not by fulfilling work but by catering to entitled children who've turned into teeny czars. This odd paradox wished upon an unhappy world by sentimental men sick with the delirious fantasy of the domestic angel so that they could prove themselves to be men enough to support a family of idlers not only made women feel guilty about not living up to another insane and artificial standard willed upon them by a John Patterson, the fact that it looked like a con enraged them. Since Lynn said things and did things that reminded them of this, she managed to become a voice for a generation.
Tags: flapandhonk has a point, freefloating commentary

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