dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The fear of peer pressure.

Remember a few years back when I made all that ignorant, sanctimonious noise about Elly believing that if people don't like her horrible food, they don't like her and that if Mike wanted to wear something he wanted to for Halloween, that must mean that not only had nuclear war enraged him to the point that he'd not only turned his back on happiness and goodness, he also rejected all the love in her great big heart because why else would he want to be what he wanted to be? We're about to see it all over again in nine months or so when she freaks out because one of the other kids has earrings and Lizzie doesn't want to feel left out.

No matter how much John might try to explain this to her and that no, Lizzie isn't growing up too fast so no, no one is actually carving her tombstone, Elly insists on making a big deal out of very little and probably aids and abets Adult Liz in doing the same thing when she too freaks out because peer pressure 'says' something it actually doesn't. This is because all the characters are Lynn and share her mistaken belief as to what wanting to fit in with the crowd means; as I've said before, the 'adult' thinks it means 'now they listen to some child instead of me. I've been REPLACED!!!' because we're dealing with someone who lacks any real confidence that the people around her love her and want her around. If she allowed herself to be reassured, she'd actually mean it when she's worried that hooker couture for kids is torpedoing childhood. As it stands, she can't allow that because happy people aren't worth taking seriously.
Tags: elly on her cross

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