dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Solid as a Stone.

To continue on from yesterday, I'd like to remind you that Elly's evolutionary successor Val Stone does know deep down that her children and family value her. It takes a crap-load of work to pry it out of Holly's lips but the same child who professes to be traumatized by some of her mom's odder habits does admit that yes, her mom is a person in her own right and needs happiness too. This means that Val actually does mean it when she tries to do the very futile thing of trying to convince a messed-up thirteen year old that believing the promises of beauty magazines and limiting herself to appeal to oafish boys who only want one thing is something she is better than.

Although I've made the mistake of assuming that Val thinks that peer pressure no longer exists because she no longer has to deal with the mean girls and such, it only looks that way. What we're dealing with is someone who looks at the kid spouting MOTHER and complaining about the years spent in forced cohabitation with her insect-loving sister and assumes her to be a lot stronger than she actually is merely because she's at the receiving end of the bullshit she used to spout. Merely because Holly is loud and melodramatic doesn't mean that she's strong. It'll take years of crap to get her to the point where she's confident enough about herself to resist the siren song of Elle and TMZ.
Tags: stone soup

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