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Death, Elly and how hers will fix Michael.

As I've said in the past, a lot of the problems Mike has in life can be ascribed to his wanting something of very little value: the love and attention of a stupid woman who can't allow herself to give it to him because she confuses doing so with allowing him to feast upon her brain or some damned thing. I also hinted broadly that most of his problems at school come from the fact that studying and getting good at things take too long and aren't appreciated anyway because we're dealing with an idiot who, while resenting the fact that her own mother never gave her the endless pats on the head and mindless praise she wanted, assumes that if Mike gets any sign she approves of him, he'll be ruined forever.

It came to me that the only way to cure Mike of the need to plow through people and lives in order to get the worthless prize of Elly's affection and praise is to remove her from the equation permanently. While I anticipate a longish period in which Mike makes stupid, irrational comments about how Liz and April were in the way of his happy endgame, it seems to me that well before the time Meredith is complaining about how her children are not getting along, Mike will be finally in a place to realize what a chump he was all his life trying to pry respect from someone who saw him not as a person but as an extension of herself.

This will, of course, probably be the inspiration for a lousy, overwrought novel about a dumb kid in some stifling suburb expecting too much of a fragile, paranoid basket-case who could never allow herself to find happiness in life because she thought happiness was for stupid people but the knowledge that he was basically spinning his wheels wanting something useless would at least allow him to get his head on straight. Simply put, Elly can have the son she'd love to have. All she's gotta do is die.
Tags: how elly's death improves elly's life

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