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Death, Elly and fixing Liz

As I said the other day, it seems to me that about the only thing that is going to force Michael to finally admit that he wasted years of his life resenting Liz for hogging Elly's attention is the post-Elly realization that it wouldn't really have been forthcoming even if Liz were never part of the equation. Once there is no Elly around for him to yell "LOOKIT ME, MAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" to, he's going to finally sort of realize that he'd made an ugly fool of himself and poisoned the well with someone he could have been friends with for a stupid and unworthy reason. We can thus look forward to a stumbling and idiotic attempt to try to have the sibling bond his toxic need to do something futile and irritating denied him.

This will probably not go as well as he'd hope at first because of Liz's instinctive need to cling to a surrogate of Elly's ankle in order to protect herself from a looming shape of idiot malice. It will probably take years of her suspecting his lunk-headed, regular-dumb-guy-from-the-sticks attempt to try to make up for being a dickhole before she admits that she gave as good as she got as soon as she could outrun the dumb bastard. It'll take longer before she admits that they were fighting for the same worthless prize.

What this means is that in the long run, Elly will finally get children who don't blow up into a big ball of violence over every little thing. She just has to die so that the need to be loved the best won't spark off the mindless mangling. Chee! Elly's transition from entity to object does seem to solve a lot. As I'll show you tomorrow, it'll even make John a faithful husband who appreciated what she did and how much she sacrificed.
Tags: how elly's death improves elly's life, liz: whining martyr

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