dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John Patterson, loyal widower.

Let's assume that in the real course of events, John does not end up getting decapitated by a falling sign because Lynn needs to make Rod suffer for stealing her money and doing to her what she did to Doug. Given that he seems to take marginally better care of himself than Elly does, we could be looking at an extended period in which he's alone in the world. Without the distraction of children and without the need to posture and hide behind tradition, he might actually have time to think about the woman he married and what she really wanted instead of screaming about what his fears made it look like she wanted.

Reflection will finally start to make him realize that she actually did feel trapped in their home and that marriage and motherhood didn't instantly make her the horror freak Suzie Homemaker the flickering blue parent promised him. It would also make him see that if her life was an exercise in frustration and unfairness that someone in her life was responsible and that someone was him and his insatiable desires. What this means is that the only thing that will make him see the anxious and messed-up woman he actually married instead of the person he thought he deserved is for her to be a small pile of ground-up combustion fragments in a ceramic box some place. It's not much but hey, at least she's finally going to get what she wants. She just can't be alive to enjoy it.
Tags: how elly's death improves elly's life, john - grinning weirdo

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