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Candace and Paula: are they supposed to be the same person?

The interesting thing about Candace is that when she first appears in 1989, she looks a Hell of a lot like Paula from first grade. Oh, sure, she's got the goofy teeth of being a yokel but otherwise, she could pretty much be an older version of the irritating little girl boasting to Lizzie about all the stuff her mother lets her wear and not caring overly much when Lizzie tries to explain that Mommy is scared that she's losing her childhood. The next time we see Candace, it's a year and a half later and she's pretty much established herself as sort of an avatar for peer pressure and why it's just awful that some child or some designer have an opinion on what Lizzie should look like when it's obvious as all Hell to Lynn and her followers that only authority figures like mothers who are still angry that they lacked the body and the language and principals whose commentary about air conditioning reveals a hidden prurience who are allowed to decide that sort of thing.

Given the odd similarity between the characters, either one of two things could be happening. The first thing is what eventually happened to April when Lynn wanted to start bleating about how awful it is that children pass through teenaged years and pretty much make her look like Molly Thomaas. In that case, Lynn is simply using dark hair/fashion plate as a sort of shorthand for why it's bad that little children follow the advice of someone who isn't their mother when it comes to what to look like. The second possibility is that she forgot she named the character Paula and wanted to give a tip of the Fooby felt tip to a friend.
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