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Elizabeth the Small.

The interesting thing about Wednesday's strip is that kefkaownsall saw something that escaped most people. While most of us were focusing on the fact that it looked as if the children had never laid eyes on one another before, she noticed that Lizzie looks out of place. It seemed to her as if Lizzie were a preschooler who'd somehow wandered into a first grade classroom.

This, I think, is a problem that dogged Liz pretty much her whole childhood. Always and ever, it was commented on that while most of her peers looked their age, she still looks as if she's a bit younger than the rest of the group. I've told you about the innate conservatism that has John and Elly prefer her to dress to not impress because they think that there's safety in drab clothing. I've told you about how Elly mentally subtracts a couple of years from her age because she adds decades to her own. What I haven't told you is that the reason Elly justifies that in her mind is that Liz has always been a little bit shorter than most people her age are and always looked a little bit more baby-faced than Candace and Dawn. She thus simply looks as if she's younger than she really is. Add in a mother who hates peer pressure because she thinks letting her child decide for herself what she would wear means that said child hates her and a father who's trying his damnedest to be Canadian Content Tony Micelli and we end up with a lot of class photos that end up with the Weird Frenchy Girl getting screamed at because she correctly identifies Liz as looking as if she doesn't actually belong with the big kids.
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