dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The forgiveness paradox

One of the more annoying parts of having to deal with the Sainted Pattersons is their need to wage war on people who mildly inconvenience them. Even until the end of days, Mike was trying to justify his need to be nasty to Liz because in his mind, it was impossible to forgive her for her stealing her spotlight. After all, where would the applause and admiration come from if she were absolved for being wonderful for burping? Liz could not be forgiven because she never did anything bad enough to him for him to look like a saint.

This is why we have to deal with Elly pleading for people to forgive those who do actually horrible things to them. Making nice with Mira for wanting things her own way just doesn't have the appeal of looking like some sort of saint by forgiving thieves and bullies. What this tells me is that if Jeremy had put April in traction because Daddy played harmonica, the more Elly would have pleaded for his salvation instead of his incarceration because her ability to forgive is directly appropriate to her sense of theatricality.

The problem this raises is that it doesn't look as if Lynn understands that by encouraging everyone to weep over an insane and stupid thug while telling the child he selfishly mangled to get over herself because Mommy needs to pose as a saint, Elly would have been destroyed as a sympathetic character and become an insane villain protagonist. This, I think, is because we're dealing with a person who doesn't understand that most people see Moira as a hero for doing something Elly was too chicken and stupid to do when it's clear to her that her sidekick forgot her place and condemned someone to a life of misery before Saint Elly could redeem her.
Tags: elly patterson: complete monster, lynn fails everything forever.

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