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Dawn Enjo and her place in the pecking order.

The interesting thing about Dawn's presence in Elizabeth's life is that it's going to take another two years for Lynn to realize that she should sort of replicate the pattern she set with Michael when it comes to supplying her with friends. Before this, we had to deal with two failed characters named Melody and Paula who served two purposes. The first was, of course, to get payback on two people who made Lindy lose at playground politics by making their avatars into catty, bratty annoyances. The second was to set up the whole "Gee, I wish I was an adult already. They never play idiotic head-games about who loves more than who" moral that Lynn loves so much.

Too bad that when it finally occurred to her that she could give Liz a sort of on-again, off-again ally in the classroom politics wars, she decided that it was only Asian men who were super-smart. While Dawn was for the most part of average intelligence, there were points in the strip where she embraced being another painful stereotype: the brainless Asian beauty. We saw that come into play when Candace bullshitted her into getting a fade like an idiot.

This was sort of balanced by Liz's refusal to admit that she was playing middle school politics when she got a bug up her panties when Dawn started hanging out with Shawna Marie when it was clear as all Hell to her that the girl's role was to passively not live her life while she herself was sent off to Exile Farm so that John could impose good values on her and Elly could be reassured that if she didn't have a social life as a child, her kids couldn't either. Eventually, Dawn settled into the role of cheerleader for Anthony and vicious slanderer of a person who didn't much see the point of letting a stalled high school romance dictate everyone's future....which means that she IS a BRAINLESS Asian woman after all.
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