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Mrs Baird starts to check out.

As I said the other day, it seems to me that it took Michael a few years to catch up to everyone else and become a member of the Middle Years cast. We have three years to go for him to stop looking like Evil Linus and start looking like a smaller version of The Delicate Genius. You might say that Michael is in conflict with the premise that's being established. While everyone else is trying to head into a wider world, the grandiose little nitwit is trying very hard to keep the strip the way it is because change means that he's not really the measure of all things. We have to wait for the dolt to attend eighth grade before he's really a part of the cast again.

That being said, we at least don't have to watch Lynn to do to him what she did to the other hold-over from the Early Years: Mrs Baird. In about six months time, we're going to watch the kids get all weepy about how life is always changing and thus getting ruined forever because Thelma simply can't live in her house any longer. While it did set up something Mike liked by having Lawrence back so he could pretend life wasn't going to change substantively, it also set things up for the first death we saw in the strip. In about two years or so, the poor thing will pass quietly in her sleep and we'll be watching Elly wonder where people's priorities are.

It turns out that people's priorities are in trying to will themselves to forget that people die; this is because she goes through the same thing with her mother and doesn't seem to have learned much from having to bury Mrs Baird. The legacy she leaves behind is the need to connect the pets to Farley the shambling and brain-damaged abuse victim pet of delight.
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