dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On the usefulness of criticism.

As we all know, Lynn finally broke down and explained why she fears and hates the people on the internet who she perceives as being trying to destroy her out of active malice and selfishness and a love of cruelty. One might expect her to simply echo her target audience of unreflective and essentially apathetic people whom she loves because they are willing to give someone a cookie and a pat on the head for trying and failing even though that isn't how the world actually works. While this is the case, she made the very Freudian comment of appending the adjective 'useless' to the noun 'criticism' as if it were a tautology.

To her, no criticism can be said to be of use because she doesn't understand what it's for. To her, anyone who tells her that what she's doing is wrong clearly can only hate her because she doesn't like feeling embarrassed or sad owing to her being a depressive narcissist with a persecution complex. The idea that people (like her mother) who tell her "Well, Lindy, you tried baking a pie but the crust was soggy because you didn't follow the recipe" aren't saying "You can never bake a pie properly ever and I HATE YOU!!!" is not one that occurred to her as a child because of a bottomless appetite for praise so it stands to reason that people who call attention to glaring and embarrassing errors in continuity are trying to laugh her off of the page because the alternative is admitting that yes, people are right to tell her that she should keep better track of things despite it being boring.
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