dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lynn Johnston: Sham Progressive!

A trend in the strip that helps us understand Lynn's thinking is the phrase 'Stick to your own kind.' Now, we've all noticed her making lip service to the notion of racial equality over the years, sounding like Colbert talking about his 'insert ethnicity here' friend, X. When she first introduced the Enjo family into the strip, Elly was worried that Mikerobe might start spouting racial slurs only to be relieved when he merely pointed out Brian and Dawn were of an age with him and Lizardbreath. At first blush, she seemed to be relieved that she hadn't raised a bigot. Ah, but appearances deceive do they not. An examination of its treatment of minorities suggest that Elly and Lynn are distaff versions of the unlamented wash-up, Michael Richards. Deep down, they probably think Hitler was simply misunderstood but feign understanding to survive. If she ever blurts out a racial epithet, her regret will be that she got caught. The first time I noticed this was the alacrity with which she packed Elizabeth off to the farm. The reason she gave the world was that she was getting far too chummy with Dawn. Granted, she acted like it didn't matter that the girl was Japanese, but her color-blindness seemed a little forced IMHO. Elly's bigger fear is that she might get chummy with BRIAN!! BTW, the reason I think he left his home to live in a foreign culture was not the 'stick with his blah-blah', but to get away from hypocrites like Elly. Granted, your average citizen of Tokyo might not say anything DIRECTLY, but if you aren't welcome, you KNOW it. Then, we got Lawrence. Sure, he SEEMS like a sympathetic gay character, but when you remember his father is a Latino you soon figure out he's ACTUALLY a warning against 'sullying the blood.' We got April's friend black friend Eva, who dates another black gut. Finally, we got Paul Wright: a modern day version of the old 'half-breed' from the Mountie Movies. She claims to be tolerant of diversity, but through her insincere spouting of slogans, we reveal a narrow-minded reactionary who probably mourns the end of segregation.
Tags: lynn versus the real world

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