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Dueling dramatists.

As we know, we're about to have Mike come into conflict with Elly about the town theatre because his being teased by other scruffy little irrelevances weighs more on his empty mind than the happiness and self-worth of his mother. As I've said before, his rear-guard action against the advent of the Middle Years has him interpret every single thing that Elly does that might expose the greatest kid ever to the sort of mockery he has no trouble dishing out is obviously part of her plot to destroy and ruin him because the alternative is looking in the mirror and seeing a crazy and stupid egomaniac who won't admit that he's just another slob who's gotta do stuff he doesn't like.

This doesn't, of course, sit well with the oblivious clod because the same grandiosity that distorts Liz into a monster trying to kill him because he has to share makes him think that if he has to endure teasing and if Elly has her own life to live, the world is a terrible place because he cannot occupy all of it. He thus doesn't see the spoiled, entitled brat who thinks that the world rotates around his needs that the rest of us see. He also doesn't see that Elly is a depressive narcissist whose egomania takes the form of thinking that the whole world rests on her shoulders.

Since he has no such insight, he doesn't realize that Elly spends most of her free time taking his maunderings far more seriously than they need to be. The occasional flare-ups of self-respect when he exceeds the limits of her tolerance seem to teach him nothing about the woman who's raising him and I honestly doubt that they ever will. As I've said before, we can look forward to an indeterminate future in which the dumb-dumb calls her crazy because she says that there was a good reason she had to wait until she was in her late sixties to get her BA and he's it because he's conned himself into thinking that he was her cheerleader and not her persecutor.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot, mike versus elly

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