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For Richer Or For Poorer, a proposal: Part One.

As I write this, I do so in the knowledge that any sort of return to Milborough is pretty much never going to happen. Too much time has gone by and I don't really think that anyone who can do anything about it will because they're happy with the way things ended. I also think that making Elly the main character of any such new order would be a fairly bad idea given the last two daily strips in which it looked as if the whole point of the enterprise was to position Liz and Anthony as a young couple at the start of the same trip John and Elly were in the process of completing. Simply put, any continuation would have to make Liz the primary focus of the story line. Since we're dealing with a new story, the best way to remind people would be by pressing the following verse in the marriage vows into service and calling it "For Richer Or For Poorer."

The reason I'm using that as the title for my flight of fancy is because we'd have a reasonably sympathetic hard-working, honest and reasonably well-off young couple dealing with having a total jerkwad relative throwing what's essentially his winning the damned lottery in their faces as if he'd actually accomplished anything useful in this life without help from any number of people. That's right. I went there and brought a bunch of stuff back as souvenirs. Instead of making Anthony the clueless asshole antagonist and bane of Liz's existence, I'd make him a male Connie commiserating with Liz whenever the Delicate Genius reminds us that he's still essentially the same melodramatic and envy-ridden imbecile he was when he looked like Mirror Universe Linus Van Pelt. The project would have a lot of appeal to people who slobber with glee when anticipating the self-immolation of a celebrity so would do quite well. If you'll indulge me, I'm going to start writing character profiles.
Tags: for richer or for poorer

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