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For Richer Or For Poorer, a proposal: Part Two (Liz)

To follow on with my idea of what any sort of return to the Foobiverse would have to look like in order to fit in with what we saw in the last few strips, it seems somewhat obvious that going forward from Iris's title drop, Liz would have to be the protagonist. Since I'm allowing a certain amount of time to compensate for the forced absence from Milborough that the remaining fan base has been forced to endure, I should think that my imaginary project's bio of Liz would look something a lot like this:

Name: Elizabeth Anne Caine (birth name Patterson)

Age: 33

Birthday: 26 June

Occupation: English tutor until her children are in middle school and can take care of themselves and then it's back to teaching third grade.

Likes: Reading GOOD books (instead of ballyhooed trash by a paint-by-numbers fraud of an author), coffee breaks with friends, gardening, quiet times helping her kids out with their homework (but not too quiet, that's creepy), ballroom dancing, good music, sharing war stories with her mom and pleasant walks by the beach.

Dislikes: Being alone, manipulate goof father-in-laws who point some poor idiot woman who wants nothing to do with Milborough at her, pompous and talentless buffoons who won't admit that they basically won the lottery and turnips.

Hobbies: Ballroom dancing, cooking, commenting on programs that she finds silly.

Aspirations: To live a quiet, tidy life free from the endless chaos of the first three decades of her life.

About Elizabeth: Like her mother before her, Liz has juggle the demands of raising a family, hoping to get her career back on track before she forgets everything she learned in University and being a reasonably sympathetic ear to her neighbors. Unlike her mother, she tends to not envy those who live a life of solitude but embraces the need to be needed. Liz is the axis about which the family rotates but doesn't make a big deal out of it because unlike her father, her husband is at least smart enough to be grateful for what fate (and a whole lot of insane sturm und drang) put in front of him.

There are only two clouds on Liz's otherwise sunny horizon. The first is her father-in-law who doesn't make his disdain for her much of a secret. According to him, Anthony should still be in his disaster of a first marriage to Therese despite the fact that neither person actually wanted to live the life their parents planned out for them (as well as the fact that Therese has remarried to the art teacher she liked back when they were in high school together.) Granted, she still sort of resents Therese for her mistaken belief that she was actively trying to do bad things to her but she's at least now at the stage where she sees what drove her. They'll never be friends but they'll eventually co-exist well enough due to a mutual love for Anthony and Therese's daughter Francoise.

The other, older cloud is, of course, her pompous buffoon older brother Michael. As far back as she can remember, the boorish clod has always had it in for her because he's a grandiose twit who thinks that having to share is bad because of a sense of entitlement that's visible from space. His accidental fame owing to a baffling literary trend of sanctifying the chronic and sustained emotional and psychological abuse of women has only served to make his head even larger. The reason Liz's mother moved in with her and Anthony after John passed away after his left ventricle exploded is, as she said, "There might have been room in his house for me and his family but not for me, his family and his ego."

Pluses and Minuses: Most people see her not as being a carbon copy of her more volatile mother but as taking after her late father in her generally easy-going nature. They also note that once she does come to a conclusion that might not play out to her advantage, she's as stubborn about it as John was. Another thing they notice is that like John, she's slower to notice how people feel about a situation than Elly or Anthony are. It's a matter of public record that Elly had to sit Liz down and explain to her in depth that Therese wasn't ever going to make a big deal out of custody because of something that goes back a long way: Liz's instinctive hatred of dark-haired people who act as if they know everything. Simply put, it'll take a very long time for Liz to completely get over seeing Anthony's first wife as being a sort of projection of Michael.
Tags: for richer or for poorer

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