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For Richer Or For Poorer, a proposal: Part Three (Anthony).

Next up on the hit parade of the fantasy reload is the deuteragonist Anthony:

Name: Anthony Joseph Caine

Age: 33

Birthday: 19 October

Occupation: Manager at Mayes Motors (moonlights as the poor slob who has to pay Mike his allowance.)

Likes: Cars, ballroom dancing, quiet evenings at home.

Dislikes: Posers, pretentious parents with dynastic pretensions, that itchy feeling in the back of his neck he gets when he has to explain to Mike that you can't spend the same dollar twice.

Hobbies: Ballroom dancing, amateur astronomy and watching cheesy sci-fi.

Aspirations: To save up enough money to open up a bed and breakfast.

About Anthony: Anthony's the son of hard-charging area businessman and all-around loudmouth Gavin Caine. For most of Anthony's life, he'd lived under the fear that he'd do something to displease his father so badly, he'd get tossed out of his home because when his birth mother stormed out of the house, the old boy told all and sundry "She didn't leave....I kicked her out" before crying in his beer. Since Anthony is somewhat guileless and literal-minded, he took his dad's self-serving lie at face value for the longest time. This meant that he gravitated towards the Patterson family in general and Elizabeth in particular because he sees them as representing the stability he envied growing up.

While most people expected him and Elizabeth to marry pretty much straight after high school, they reckoned without two things: her antipathy towards long distance relationships and his being pressured into marrying the daughter of his dad's business partner despite neither really being too enthusiastic at first. While he and Therese tried to make a go of it, he was still too filled with longing for his real first love Liz to really make the marriage work; add in the fact that he had to be sat down and have it explained to him that post-partum depression is a thing and not Therese being an anti-life monster by Elly Patterson after Liz started to feel overwhelmed by motherhood and it's not hard to see why his marriage imploded. To what is now his lasting regret, he'd pushed her into the arms of the arts major she actually really loved.

Pluses and minuses: While most people see him as being a hard worker who does well at any task set before him, it's only really Elly Patterson who ever saw him as being a potential world-beater because of his fear that if he sticks his neck it, it's likely to get caught on something. We also have to deal with the fact that he's somewhat socially awkward and tends towards a sort of canine need for the approval of people who impress him by following their stupid advice. Combine his lingering belief that pontificating goof John Patterson actually knew anything of use about humanity and his never-ending battle with expressing himself in a way that doesn't make him sound like an imbecile (even Elly isn't willing to let his wail that he had no home when he meant to say his life wasn't working out like television had promised it would slide) and it's sort of easy to understand why actual good influence Gordon Mayes wants him to be the QUIET power behind Mayes Motors.
Tags: for richer or for poorer

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