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Francoise: a character study.

Name: Francoise Caine.

Age: 10

Birthday: 7 March

Likes: Quiet nights at home, reading a good book, playing with friends.

Dislikes: Mustard, Meredith and arguing.

Hobbies: reading, collecting Space Babes

Aspiration: to be a teacher like the mother life ended up giving her.

Personality: Francoise is Anthony's daughter with his first wife Therese. While there was some conflict between her and Liz for like the first few months or so after she married Anthony, that's pretty much resolved itself when Liz finally accepted that Francie isn't being intelligent on purpose to mock her. That being said, it's sort of unsettling for anyone who grew up in the Patterson house to deal with a bright, enthusiastic student who doesn't complain about homework as it reminds them of the bad attitude they were unwittingly encouraged to have by their overwhelmed mother and idiot father.

The interesting thing about Francie is that like her father and grandmother Elly, she realizes and has started to stop resenting the fact that her birth mother is never really going to be anything more than a sort of fun aunt; she also shares wonders if Liz will see this with Elly and Anthony or if she just needs to not let the paranoia go because it's an itch she CAN scratch. (They compare this to the ongoing need Aunt April has to be pointlessly suspicious of lucky one-hit wonder Becky Delaney-Forsythe.)

While the Therese problem is sort of background noise that doesn't much make much difference in her day-to-day life, her dealing with her oh-so-superior cousin Meredith "The Terrible" Patterson is. What seems to be going on is a sort of echo of the situation with April in that Meredith has been encouraged by someone to see Francie as something of a threat to his legacy because some dunderheaded hack author feels threatened by someone who isn't especially impressed by his alleged literary prowess. This means that Francie is pretty much Bugs Bunny to Meredith's Daffy Duck in that she doesn't especially care if she's not related 'by blood' to the Delicate Genius because while she doesn't want to speak ill of an elder, she finds Mike to be creepy and annoying and what little she knows of his books to be little better than Mike's original opus "Sum kidz wuz lost an'then waz fownd."
Tags: for richer or for poorer

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