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For Deanna or for Poorer

Today's profile is about the second member of the triad of failure, stupidity and petty malice that menace the core five: Deanna. Tune in tomorrow for the dead member of the group.

Name: Deanna Agnieska Patterson.

Birthday: 15 March

Age: 37

About Deanna: When asked to explain why someone who could have done better for herself than "moll for a doofus author" let herself become the walking punchline she is now, Tracey explains Deanna's marriage to Mike as follows: "PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome had a baby, appointed Self-Loathing and Elektra Complex its god-parents and called it 'What Deanna sees in Mike.'"

What we'll discover over the first few months is is that Deanna touched off the endgame of the Great Dysfunction when she hid a video will John made into 2007 stipulating that while Elly and the others were free to spend their inheritance (which was the result of John making a packet on the stock market that he didn't discuss with anyone) however they wanted, idiot Mike has to have Anthony approve any large spending he does in favor of an older one written in 1975 that made Elly Mike's client because the idea of having her inept imbecile husband boss everyone around appeals to her love of alpha male idiocy. Liz found this even less amusing than the song and dance routine she did when Mira told Liz about the weddings for heart and for showing how much Deanna resents her mother for having a mind of her own and expressing her opinion (Mira having learned about it the same time April did because she overheard Gordon tell Anthony about it about the same time April overheard her folks talking about it) so Deanna is even deader to her than she is to April.

She's seen as pretty much seen as trying to run the First Church Of The Delicate Genius. It should be noted that wide-eyed idiot Meredith drinks the Kool-Aid about how great a man her daddy is because the love of cavemen is genetic; it should also be noted that Robin is regarded as a problem at home because he sees something his mother and sister don't: his dad is a very lucky moron with a lousy work ethic and an inability to work well with others who blundered into his career. The only person she does seem to talk to on a regular basis is Anthony who has to explain that John wasn't being cruel when he set things up so that Mike can't spend his loot on something stupid.

As for the others, Elly is a bad person because she doesn't want to become Mike's slave, April is a bad person because she thinks Mike is an ungrateful jerk who won't acknowledge his debt to others, Liz is a bad person because she wants to pulverize Mike for 'helping' his mother out of her home, Gordon is bad because he calls Mike a lousy friend, husband and father and Mira is especially bad for calling Deanna so obviously sly, she'd have a hard time fooling Scooby Doo.
Tags: for richer or for poorer

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