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Potential story arc one: Peer pressure then and now.

As you know, my fantasy project explains away Elly's tendency to hamper her children's development for their own good as being the end result of her mistakenly thinking that every damned little thing is a referendum on whether they love her at all which was itself the result a need to feel as if she has any power over anyone because John had made her feel impotent and stupid for her own good. This leaves us with an Elly who, after the spell has been broken by losing one hundred and ninety pounds of massive jerkass, wants to make sure that Liz doesn't make the same mistakes she does.

We could best demonstrate this in a sort of echo of the earrings arc. What would happen is that Francie would ask if she could pledge allegiance to some sort of harmless trend that Liz saw as wanting to somehow or another grow up too fast and miss out on being a child. What would happen is that Elly would ask Liz "Remember when I turned into the stupidest squawking hen ever and point blank asked you why you were such a bad child, you would rather not be ripped to shreds by mean girls to show your loyalty to me? Remember how fricking dumb and panicky I was? Remember how insulted you felt? Same deal! Let her dye her hair pink, Liz. It doesn't change who she really is."

We would then go on to a sort of go-round in which they all remembered having to conform to silly norms that made parents go bonkers. Elly would have groused about how Marian lost her shit because she didn't want to dress up like a Bulgarian cleaning lady and wear a pixie cut, Liz would have ruefully commented on the power Candace used to have and Anthony would have talked about the time his dad freaked because he was into REM.
Tags: for richer or for poorer

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