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Potential story arc two: Sibling rivalry and its relative lack.

As we know, a lot of the reason that Mike and Elly never wanted to get along peaceably with younger siblings has less to do with the inept parenting of their respective mothers and more to do with the fact that they are both theatrical types who don't like competition and will bend logic in any awkward shape to present themselves as utterly blameless despite objective people like us seeing them as being shitty siblings. What I propose will happen is that after the Great Dysfunction, Elly accepts this about herself and tries to make amends only to have Phil ask what the point was. He'll have a legitimate reason to see this as being one more piece of self-justifying noise and Elly will just have to accept that she messed up her life thinking she's the axis around which the world rotates.

This melancholy will be enhanced by her watching the less homicidal competition at Liz's house as it makes her wonder how badly she enabled Michael. Sure, John was no help with his default chauvinism but it would seem to her that if she'd spent less time feeling sorry for herself or running around trying to parent other people and did a better job understanding him and his rages, he'd be far less septic a clod. What would happen in instances like that is that someone would remind her of the one thing that makes me want to punch a fictional character's head clean off: his whining "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?" when it was revealed that she used to sing in cafes long before he was born.

What irritates me is that we had a young woman who had the world in front of her having a good time and some dumb kid insists that she should have been mindful of the needs of some child whose existence at that point was contingent on two things that could have easily not happened. She wasn't destined to meet John and she could have ignored her biological clock until she was better established in life so having him think "No, Mom. You should have lived every day of your life worrying about how it would affect a child no one with a rational, functioning mind could have possibly foreseen because I'm a vain nitwit." This means that her only consolation is that nothing could be done for Mike because you can't fix stupid.
Tags: for richer or for poorer

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