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Potential long-term story arc four: The thief of lives

As we know, Mike's magnum opus "Stone Season" is actually the story of Agnes Dingle re-told by an idiot. What happened is that he took the story of a girl from Belfast who fell hard for some guy from the Prairies who had a really crappy time of life because the no-hoper turned from Prince Charming back into a Labatt-swilling toad as soon as he traded in his uniform for civilian clothing. All Mike added were a lot of stupid words and the nit-witted presumption that it's somehow ennobling to live in unnecessary squalor thrust upon one by a stubborn, moody piece of shit.

The reason that I mention this is that his second book 'Blood Cargo' is possibly the story of that janitor who didn't want his story told back in journalism class. Since the man had probably died, it seemed to Mike that no one would mind turning the man's back story into a horrible novel about life on the high seas. What this tells me is that Michael's grasp on how people think and behave hasn't really improved since the days of "sum kids was lost an'then waz fownd." The reason is that since he doesn't actually have ideas of his own, he pirates the lives of others to make his glurge.

How this would manifest itself in the For Richer project is every so often, we'd see Mike come unglued due to the antics of a blogger called "Hippychick49" who regularly trashes his works on line. He doesn't know who she is, where she lives, what motivates her or where she gets the gall to pick apart every little thing he does. All Mike knows is that this mysterious figure is contributing to some horrible on-line community that takes books that they deem to be crap and pretend that they're Robert Pattinson saying that Stephanie Meyer wants locking up and he hates it.

It would at some point be revealed that Hippychick49 is Elly. Her primary motivation is getting revenge on him for stealing the manuscript she submitted once only to have it rejected because ovaries and passing it off as his own and turning it into a franchise. Her secondary motivation is for the lifetime of being treated like his servant.
Tags: for richer or for poorer

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