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Whither Givesthanking.

As you know, I think that it's very likely that the real reason Lynn never made a big deal about Thanksgiving is because it simply wasn't really celebrated in the Ridgway household. Anywhere where there are largish concentrations of people who orient themselves to British cultural norms (like the province of Newfoundland and Labrador), we find that Thanksgiving is seen as simply a day off in the middle of autumn and no more worthy of note than the tax holiday. Therefore, since it's not a thing Lynn probably remembered obsessing about as a child, the holiday is never observed in the strip.

The problem is that Lynn, being aware that Americans make a big deal about their Thanksgiving because it's the beginning of Christmastime, uses a baffling explanation about how she doesn't want to confuse people who probably know what's going on when the more obvious one is more sympathetic. They can get behind someone who doesn't make a big deal of Turkey Day if she explains why that is...especially since it's not a holiday that most comic strips observe much either.

The form that this might take in the fantasy reload is that each year, we'd have one of the three adults spend a Sunday strip commenting on how they're glad for the day off but it really wasn't a big deal because of cultural factors. They're thankful for one another and for the nice holiday Monday but they're also thankful that they don't have to spend the following day in a scrum at the mall fighting tooth and nail for home electronics.
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