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Breaking the chains of Twoo Wuv

Of course, if a revival were to last long enough, we'd end up having to deal with Liz and Anthony dealing with their children's love lives. While it's true that back in the day, Lynn liked to pretend that what we had was a grand romance that had to withstand all manner of obstacles, it's closer to the truth to accept April's initial impression that we'd have two rather horrible people plowing through the lives of other people in order to make the dreams of two other horrible people come true.

What any sort of rational revival would have to do is to have them regret their part in the Great Dysfunction in order to become sympathetic protagonists. Smug sociopaths who spray a gloss of high romance over what's basically a load of Pattersonian ratfrakking need not apply in my dream project so we'd have them love one another but feel a sense of shame about how they got where they are and some residual distaste for the people doing the shoving. This means that they would try not to interfere with love lives because of a sense of shame. They'll support the kids when things go wrong but they know that they really can't do much. Elly's part in this would be to pretty much be too involved with her own new man to really care about things. Also, she'd occasionally complain about that odd grab in her chest she gets every so often.
Tags: for richer or for poorer

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