dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On war as a spectator sport.

Recently, we got to talking about how Michael never really got along with his granddad because Jim didn't like to talk about his experiences on the front lines of World War Two. It's sort of obvious tha Mike thinks he got gypped because television and movies teach him that war is a really great game; since he lives to hear cool details of war and violence, Jim's not wanting to talk about what he knows to be white-hot madness and pointless waste means that the old boy wants to hold out on him for no clear reason.

The interesting thing is that it's all sorts of obvious that putting Mike on the front lines would be a horrible thing. We know that Mike is a fragile little critter that hollered about being a bug on a windshield when he got friend-zoned. Subjecting him to live fire is going to make him piss himself in sheer terror. Hell, he'd even holler in fright if they didn't have cable! That being said, I don't see him having all that much in the way of empathy for anyone else on the front lines. Stuff that happens to him is real while stuff that happens to other people isn't so, no, having an aging punk rocker with a blue box get pissed off and drop him off at Anzio or Stalingrad isn't going to teach Mike that war is hell for everyone else.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot

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