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What's paralyzing Elly Patterson.

The odd thing about this whole theater arc is that when Radcliffe steals Elly's thunder and, as Mike predicted, said it had always been his idea to save the theater, we find Elly just slumped over in despair for some reason or another. While the reason she gives John is that she no longer knows what purpose that isn't 'housewife' or 'part-time worker' she's going to serve, I personally think that it's slightly more than the 'betrayal' 'her' pet politician subjected her to that had her on her damned fainting couch feeling miserable.

What I see propelling the misery is that not only did some man come in and claim that her idea was always his idea and thus make her look like a stupid fool making a stupid fool of herself for nothing, it wasn't really her idea that he stole. All the letters of protest, all the shrill articles in the Op/Ed section, all the angry lectures on television about how the people need culture shoved down their throats, all the picketing, all of it was all worthless. Mike's idea of taking the city council down to the theater to make them see the ever neat place and all the ever neat things therein was the ever neat thing that made Radcliffe decide it was worth saving so Elly wasn't really needed at all really. Bad enough that she look like a fool. Knowing that she was totally useless save as a platform for enacting a smarter person's idea isn't going to sit well. Then again, it never did. Look at all the strips that have her angst about how much better everyone else is at raising her kids than she is.
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