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Listening to herself is not just for Lizardbreath: Elly versus Phil's doubts and fears.

As we all know, most of us were confused by the fact that it was Iris that ended up filling a niche most of us assumed that Elly was going to fill during the Settlepocalypse. Traditionally, it's the bride's mother that comes in, shares what she's learned, tells the bride she's proud of her and so on and so forth before the wedding so to have the bride's step-grandmother come in after the fact and do that looks odd and weird. Odder and weirder still is that Elly's involvement seemed to be limited to standing on the sidelines trading quips with Connie and not quite getting how otherworldly Liz was.

The good thing is that what Elly finds to do with her time helps explain that this is not especially any great loss. This is because she completely and utterly fails to understand or acknowledge Phil's fears and doubts about his upcoming wedding to Georgia in any way. Now, I'm certain that she remembers herself as being far more supportive than she actually was and not having a vindictive bone in her head but it's obvious to everyone who isn't her that for the most part, she can't wait to see the kid brother who got away with so much while her childhood was one of unremitting misery living a life of hardship and pain and acrimony and boredom to punish him for daring to be happy and get more because of his gender. Granted, his desire to abolish the past all together means that he does have things to answer for but, well, we're dealing with a battle between a depressive narcissist who can only see what's wrong in her life and an oblivious narcissist who recoils from threats to his self-esteem. The best solution would be to drown both of them and set Georgia free from Foobs all together.
Tags: elly patterson: universal imbecile., elly versus phil, phil richards: yapping ignoramus

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