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The end is the beginning is the end: Stone Soup.

As you know, there's been something of a trend for artists to go to a Sundays only format. Bill Amend did it years ago, Lynn Johnston should have done it, Garry Trudeau did it and as of today, Jan Eliot has done it. While the characters of Doonesbury have their lives going on in the background sort of, the Foxes and the Stones have pretty much been frozen in place at the point where their creators left off. We thus have Roger always being sort of pathetic with computers, Andi still trying to be a good mother, Peter being a crappy athlete, Paige being a dumbass and Jason still being a skeevy little weirdo. This balances out with Val still being something of a hypocrite when it comes to dealing with her oldest daughter.

The reason that I mention this is that the last daily has Val confidently predict wonderful things for all the young people in the family save Holly. Her favoured child will have a wonderful career as an oceanographer, Max will race cars, Luci will keep fighting for equality and Holly might eventually come around and be the loudspeaker for a progressive cause she should be right now only she insists on having a childhood like a selfish monster. We end with Holly having another freak-out about an unreasonable teacher who hates her and the promise of her being ignored and lectured to. We thus end the strip much as we began. While it's true that Phil is part of the family and Evie is off to live her life, the core situation has not changed appreciably because Val is still kind of dropping the ball with Holly.

What we're dealing with here is, of course, someone whose desire to help her child avoid falling into the same traps that she fell into as a child running head-long into the fact that such a thing is best described as being absofrakkinglutely impossible. Even with the best will in the world, a teenager is going to assume that since this, that and the other thing is happening to her for the first time, it's the first time that said things have happened. With the best will in the world, Holly is going to assume something that looks trivial to someone who's on the other side of what looks insoluble to her is the end of the world because the ability to apply adult judgment doesn't as such exist yet. The best Val can do is to stop taking her failure to do the impossible as a personal affront. But she won't because she's trying to make up for "wasting" her youth by petulantly trying to deprive Holly of hers. The end game of this is, of course, sixty year old Valerie having to reconcile with Holly and play catch up as they compare notes on children.
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