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On never being too old to be sensitive.

Now to get back to the Patterson family, we're about to be reminded of an annoying problem Tuesday. Said problem is John wanting very much to slap Mike down for what he says as his ungrateful and defiant son's wanton act of total disrespect and what people who don't have an I-beam shoved up their arses see as Mike making the observation that a pumpkin has the same general shape as his head. This irritates me because John stands around whining about how humorless his family is because they don't feel like absorbing verbal and emotional abuse from a malicious infant while the least bit of laughter at his expense turns John into a rage-filled pain in the ass screaming about how no one respects him.

Even more irritating is that just as the Mike who treats Liz like something he dug out of his ear and expects her to agree that she deserves it can turn around and be disgusted by someone else being the same kind of raasclat he is, John is perfectly capable of looking at someone else acting the way he does and condemning him because he also lacks self-awareness and morals. It would take a freaking miracle to make John "CHEE! I didn't know that we raised a PRINCESS" Patterson to realize that people's feelings are real and that people are right to see him as unfeeling, unfair and unkind. Since miracles don't usually happen, the course of action that would have to apply in the real world would have to be to marvel that the Hater is dead when he gets his head turned into a maraca by a giant fiberglass rooster, point at his devastated remains and yell IN YOUR FACE!!

This is because the miracle would involve his having to drive up to Manitoba to have his dad tell him the reason April wants to room up with someone in the Winnipeg area is that her daddy is the same smug, stupid asshole who wasted his teen-aged years chasing fat kids with towels because he delighted in the pain of others and who drove girls away with his blatant Nice Guyism. There's only so much emotional abuse from a solipistic dingdong who doesn't really value people someone is permitted to take so, no, he's not going to help his pompous dickhole son browbeat April into going home to more being ignored and mocked by a thin-skinned hypocrite. The end result of having the disconnect become so obvious that he can't deny it would deprive John of the will to live. Eventually, he'd ignore construction workers who tell him to look out because they're trying to remove a big chicken head from a building.
Tags: john patterson: complete monster

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