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Michael becomes one of THEM

The interesting thing about Stone Soup is not that Val is dropping the ball when it comes to dirt-ordinary adolescent behaviour. The problem is that Lynn established something of a precedent. What we're going to be seeing next year this time is Elly and John looking as if they're being pushed to the limit by the mind-scarring horror that is a very bland and irritating oldest child doing very bland and irritating teenaged things. If the notes are still a going concern in a year's time, we'll probably get a crap-load of screaming about how horrible adolescent nonsense is to witness when it was great being the same jerk to her own mother her children were to her.

This would be bad enough were it not for the tendency John and Elly both have to revise their personal histories. Val Stone's raison d'etre is trying to ensure that Holly does not make the same mistakes she made but it takes something of a miracle for the Pattersons to admit to being goofy kids playing at rebellion themselves. From Will laughing his ass off because his pain in the ass son white-washed his own stupidity to Jim having to be silenced because of his inconvenient habit of remembering Elly's childhood accurately, the elders are unwelcome influences on the children because they get in the way of Patterson parents presenting themselves as infallible saints who deserve unquestioned obedience. Why, if John has to admit to his past, he would have to bend and admit that nothing is the end of the world and that would be awful. Chee! Imagine having wasted his life feeling sorry for himself for nothing. He'd look a fool!
Tags: john and elly versus adolescence

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