dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The probable fate of Miss Blais

As we know, Miss Blais seems to have it in her head that the best way to guide her students towards acceptable social behaviour is to seize upon someone her insistent love of procedure makes her see as a dangerous anarchist bent on destroying society and shaming him or her so that the other children know to avoid being this irredeemable monster. What this translated to in practice is that she's a screaming dough-head who lived to embarrass Lizzie for no real reason other than she's a real person instead of the sort of idealized monster child in her text books. Exposure to real children thinking and acting like real children turned her into a blubbering heap who acted as if she were exposed to the jibblies.

Let's fast-forward a few years to the middle school where the vice principal is standing around deliberately shaming children for dressing for the weather instead of parading around dressing in the same dowdy, ankle-length dress of not having a social life or sense of humor she's wearing. She's got the glasses, the ultra-conservative clothing and the same lack of sympathy for children Lizzie's first grade teacher had so it makes sense that Vice Principal Airconditioner has to be Miss Blais. This means that the school board decided to make her an administrator and place her where she could do the most 'good' by reconciling the tinies to having to wear uniforms. Anything would be better than having this idiot lecture you, so yeah, wearing something else fetishistic so Mommy can stop blathering about pole dancers is groovy, baby.
Tags: land of the forgotten

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