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Avocado Head and friends.

The interesting thing about this time next year is that we start to get a look at what really makes Mike feel as if he has no choice but to persecute Lizzie. This is because instead of using the stage makeup to paint his face green that Elly suggested, he used food dye that couldn't be washed off because he's an idiot. His response was to make a huge deal of it and whine about how they called him Pinky for two years because Elly put his BVDs in the wash with red drapes so this would make him Avocado Head forever.

The reason this seems to matter is that we're dealing with someone who, having had no one step in and tell the other kids that he's a real person with feelings that get hurt, decided that if people aren't going to stop picking on him, Lizzie has to be tormented to make things fair. This, my friends, is the reasoning of the common domestic vandal. This is a person who thinks that other people only have and enjoy nice things to be cruel to them so they have to be punished for it. This belief that a six month old child had an agenda and said agenda was to chase him out of his home so he's only defending himself when he gives her a taste of his own medicine is more than likely what Mike means when he tells Lizzie that she hurts his feelings all the time. The problem is that if you hang around a neurotic like Mike long enough, you end up taking his faulty logic seriously.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot

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