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Mike Patterson: Git Lit Hero.

The odd thing that I've noticed about novels directed at the tween set is that we're dealing with an endless array of irritating children who it's really hard to sympathize with. Said irritants have the following repellent character traits:

  1. An inflated and unrealistic self-concept: While the author drops broad hints that the 'hero' is not especially popular or likable, the person boasts about what a great person he is. The example that comes readiest to mind is the hero of Patterson's Middle School series who insists that he's not some stubborn, antagonistic git who would be happier and live an easier life if he'd drop the idea that he's this really awesome guy.
  2. Self-defeating behaviour: Said 'hero' has any number of bad habits that lead to his inevitable downfall. The best example is Wimpy Kid and his being a lazy fool.
  3. Imbecile anarchistic tendencies: A default disrespect for authority figures they see as being space monsters who live to destroy a happiness they cannot feel. There's some dumb kid who squeals like a pig because he has to 'waste' his life reading books because bad people want him to believe their evil lie about how he doesn't know anything.
  4. Obliviousness: The 'hero' is very poor at anticipating how people will react to his swinishness and has little curiosity as to why he's disliked. This applies to pretty much everyone of them.
  5. Aesop amnesia: No matter how many times it's made obvious that if said 'hero' were to just buckle down and do what's expected of him, the buffoon fails to learn because of that narcissism thing I mentioned. Again, it's all of the above.
  6. Evasive thinking: When he isn't complaining about how unfair a well-earned punishment is, the yapping little git searches through the ranks of his accomplices in the quest for a fall guy to shield him from having to face a horrible truth about himself.

The reason that I mention this is that any enterprising creator could easily make a series of light novels about a teen aged Mike because he's got all the attributes to be a success as a cautionary example. We know that he thinks that he's better than everyone else when he's actually not all that spectacular or smart a person. We know that he's a gullible fool who can be talked into acting against his own self interests when someone flatters him. We know that he doesn't understand that people who say things that hurt his squishy little feelings might have his best interests at heart. We know that he doesn't understand or care why people act the way they do and we know that he never learns from his mistakes. We know that he blames other people for his own misery because the truth that it's all his own fault would hurt too much and would require him to wonder why he wasted his life on folly. If Lynn and Katie hadn't managed to antagonize her American publisher by cooking up the bio without their input or approval, we could well see a new hero of Git Lit.
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