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Elly through the librarian's eyes.

This mental peculiarity Lynn has of not going back to places has, I should think, a bizarre effect on how people perceive Elly and the rest of the Pattersons. As by way of example, I would tend to think that in the world of my Unauthorized Liographies, Michael is quite likely to make the following observation:

27 May 2017:

Interesting day today. Had a reading of the YA short story about the harmonica at the Main Branch of our local library to promote some sort of Ontario Lit week. Big mistake, that. While the younger staffers were reasonably friendly, the head librarian, a Susan Hargreaves, didn't put too much effort in disguising her dislike of me. Not much of a surprise; she only knew me as the needy, greedy little monster who wanted to chain Mom to the house. Trying to explain Mom's habit of shouting that she could do USEFUL things if she didn't have some parasite trying to drain her substance would have been an exercise in futility so didn't bother. No good speaking ill of dead, after all.

This is because, as I've said before, it looks to me as Sue and Monique and Nilda don't see the super-fantastic power behind the throne Elly does when she contemplates her place in the world. As the strips wherein she's about to be let go clearly indicate, they actually see her as something of a charity case who needs a sinecure in order to feel important because her family keeps her down. The first hint of this is when they sent her off to the big damned thing in Winnipeg and used getting away from home as an incentive. Sue could have gone but Elly is soooo pathetic and needs a break from the horrible family who drains her and doesn't treat her with due respect and so on and so forth. I should think that she is their Kortney in that she's kind of inept and she's kind of got two faces. Sue and the others just got the face with the despairing, needy frown on it.
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