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How to get Elly to do things.

The other day, I was just goofing around with the dialogue of a couple of the strips about the end game of the theatre arc to make it mesh better with reality. Unlike Lynn, we know that city councils aren't in the habit of randomly tearing down buildings, that someone not affiliated with the city might be the real owners of the old town hall and that any sort of grant money given to a theatre company would probably go to renting space in a more convenient building instead of renovating a space they might not actually want to perform in. Also, if the old town hall is to be torn down, we're probably looking at a public safety issue such as being no longer structurally sound or having enough mold in the walls to turn people cobalt blue. To paraphrase what used to be Peter Capaldi's signature role before he became a punk-rock Time Lord, if wind blew across the strings of a harp in such a way that it said "I'm a cat-f***er," Lynn and Elly would believe that the harp indeed f***s cats.

This means that in the real world, Elly would have no chance in a million of actually saving the Old Town Hall. It's no longer fit for human occupation, the arts community is about to move into a nicer space and pestering the local Thors and Wotans is as useful as a cafe on the moon. What would actually be happening is that some minor good would be accomplished. In the scenario I envisioned, it seemed to me as if the props, sets and costumes were to be simply destroyed out of hand despite their being still fit for use. It would irritate Sue and Nilda that they would have to buy all this new stuff when it would be a little easier to simply store the old material professionally so they'd try their damnedest to maintain some connection to the old building. The best way to accomplish this would be to get someone loud and noisy and who doesn't like asking questions when she gets enraged to make a big stink about things so they could beat down resistance. Enter someone kind of stupid, kind of gullible and all kinds of angry: ELLY. The whole point of this stupid party would be to show the politician they interface with that no, the costumes won't cause contact dermatitis at fifty paces.

The reason they chose Elly is, as I've said, because she doesn't get facts straight, she doesn't ask questions, she gets angry really easy and she stubbornly clings to stupid ideas for days at a time when she's told something that irritates her. It's the only way to defeat her innate tendency towards inertia and not disgracing herself.
Tags: elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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