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Therese versus Gordon and Tracey

howtheduck reminded me of an important fact critical to understanding the Settlepocalypse: the Pattersons are the unwitting beneficiaries of a marital collapse instigated by other people. They stood around in bafflement at the wreckage of Anthony's marriage, little realizing that Mike's friends, Gordon and Tracey Mayes, actively destroyed it. The reason is simple: Therese was different in a way that threatened the both of them.

It's easy to see why Gordon was turned off by Therese; she tried to hold Anthony to a domestic arrangement he believed flew in the face of all that was good and right. As a typical citizen of the grotesque stain on the map that is Milborough, Mr. Mayes is a weak, insecure man who lives in dread of being 'dictated' to by a woman. As such, he felt it was his duty to save Anthony and join him up with Liz Patterson who has as her main selling point the fact that she has to be told what to do all the time. Since Liz is a passive lump who needs constant instruction, Anthony will have to be the active partner in that relationship.

Tracey is a different story. She may have been willing to tolerate the career woman's ranting about her being a passive baby factory because she thought that once she had a child of her own to love, that'd die down. Sadly, Therese fell victim to post-partum depression. To call Tracey's reaction unsympathetic is, I fear, to engage in understatement. The pathetic inability to bond instantly with Françoise was mistaken, sadly, as a hateful refusal. Children, you see, are in Tracey's mind something one is supposed to have and cherish. Anything else is just plain selfishness. Like a lot of people in the strip, she seems to confuse a sullen refusal to enlighten herself with firmness of character so you can tell her that it could just as easily have been her till you're blue in the face; she just won't listen because she wants to avoid facing just that.
Tags: blandthony, gordo and tracey, liz: whining martyr, sitting duck therese

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